Controlling the Volume of Electronics

Below are a few tips to control the volume of your entertainment equipment and keep your building peaceful throughout the year:
• Keep your entertainment equipment away from walls that you share with other apartments or the common areas of the building. Using an interior wall such as the wall between your living room and bedroom can drastically cut down on the noise people experience in the hallways and adjacent apartments.
• Keep your electronics off of the floor, especially speakers and other surround sound equipment. Utilizing entertainment centers helps to buffer the noise.
• Always test the noise level of new and existing equipment. Sometimes it is beneficial to ask your surrounding neighbors for assistance in finding a comfortable level of noise.
• You can also adjust the volume of your equipment, and then step out of your apartment and close the door, if you can clearly hear it then the people around you can hear it as well and you know it’s too loud.
• Once you have established a suitable level, mark the dial on your equipment with nail polish or a colored permanent marker to remind yourself of the maximum level you can have without disturbing your neighbors.

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